BigK Instant Lighting Firelog


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BigK Instant Lighting Firelog

  • Individually wrapped instant light fire log
  • Made from recycled saw dust and wax
  • Instant light with no firelighter or kindling required, just light the wrapper
  • Each log burns for approximately 2 hours
  • Authorised for use in smoke control areas
  • Ideal for stoves, open fires, fire pits and bonfires
Weight: 0.996 kg
Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 25 cm
Big K’s Instant Light Firelogs are an efficient alternative to traditional hardwood logs for your stove, open fire, fire pit or bonfire. They’re ultra clean and convenient to store and handle, as well as being quick and easy to light – just light the wrapper. Each log gives you roughly 2 hours of burn time, and they’re extremely safe as there are no sparks.