Westlands Multi Purpose Compost with added JI Peat Free 50L

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Westlands Multi Purpose Compost & JI 50L

Multi-Purpose Compost is the perfect growing medium and is suitable for use all around the garden, from beds to borders, in hanging baskets, pots and containers.

Our range of Multi-Purpose Compost has been selected to help keep your plants healthy and promote plant growth.

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Westlands Multi Purpose Compost & JI 50L Peat Free.

  • Helps plants at every life stage for a stronger, healthier life
  • Promotes root and shoots
  • 100% peat-free
Boost the life of your plants with the Westland Multi-Purpose Compost. Perfect for all life stages of plants and seed sowing, it’s ideal for stronger plant development, more flowers, more vibrancy and longer plant life. It contains loam (John Innes), formulated to hold water and nutrients for longer; protecting plants from under or over-feeding by releasing nutrients when needed. This special formula helps retain nutrients and water for longer.

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