Primrose Mixed Colour – 6 in a tray

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Primrose Mixed Colour – 6 in a tray value pack

Widely recognised as the Primrose plant, Primulas will always make a reliable choice for novice gardeners. With some varieties flowering as early as January, it is understandable why the name ‘Primula’ was selected. Deriving from the Latin term ‘Primus’, which translates to ‘first’, Primulas are the perfect plants for ringing in the gradual onset of spring. Aside from offering valued winter interest, Primulas are highly versatile; they will offer a dazzling display when planted en masse, or amongst spring flowering bulbs, and can even be grown in boggy areas. Make sure that you plant your Primula in well-drained soil that receives a moderate amount of sun, and they will reward you with beautiful blooms for the years to come.

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