Prunus Koril Brilliant 3ltr pot


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Prunus Koril Brilliant 3ltr pot

Prunus nipponica kurilensis ‘Brilliant’ is a small, bushy tree offering eye-catching, pink/white, single flowers that appear in April and are very popular with bees. Rusty-bronze foliage appears in the spring decorating the chestnut brown branches. The leaves of this dwarf flowering cherry tree are coarsely serrated and mid-green before turning orange and red in autumn.

This Japanese Alpine Cherry, as it is more commonly known, is tolerant of most situations, including pollution but it’s best to avoid very damp or shallow, chalky sites. An ideal ornamental tree for a smaller garden, Prunus ‘Brilliant’ will grow to an estimated height and spread of about 2.5 x 2.5 metres in 20 years.