Westlands the gardeners choice multi purpose compost 80l *Online Deal Only – Buy 3 for £28.47*

Westland The Gardener’s Multi-Purpose Compost is produced from premium grade Irish blended peat. Milled and graded to produce a quality growing media. It also has the correct nutrient and trace element balance to ensure healthy plants, vibrant flowers and quality fruit.

This multi-purpose compost offers the best planting conditions, therefore making it ideal for use all around the garden. It provides a ready source nutrients and minerals that will feed your plants for up to 4-5 weeks.

  • Balanced peat blend
  • Enriched with nutrients to last 4-5 weeks
  • The traditional range for the experienced gardener
  • Absorbs water for strong root and plant growth
  • Perfect for plants, vegetables, trees and shrubs
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Produced from a balanced natural peat-based blend, Westland The Gardener’s Multi-Purpose Compost offers the best planting conditions making it ideal for plants, vegetables and shrubs that are all around the garden.

This multi-purpose compost that been enriched with nutrients that will feed your plants for up to 4-5 weeks. It’s easy to re-wet and will hold onto moisture, giving excellent growing conditions when used in the ground or in hanging baskets and containers.

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