XXL Framed Photinia Red Robbin Espalier 50trl pot

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XXL Framed Photinia Red Robbin Espalier 50trl pot

Approximately 12ft high on framed trellis

Photinia Red Robin is a fabulous, all your round addition to your garden or outside space. With the young foliage appearing a vibrant red in Spring and an abundance of white flowers in April/May it is a beautiful evergreen tree. The glossy green leaves have spectacular red tips which make it a fantastic feature for your garden.

The photinia is perfect for the UK as it can tolerate temperatures down to -12c  and, if left unpruned it will produce masses of white flowers, happy in most soil types except heavy clay and more suited to drier conditions rather than waterlogged ground.

When planting the Red Robin in is better to pick a full sun or partial shade area as it is not suited to full shade. Although we generally advise planting in Spring or Autumn the Red Robin can be planted at any time of the year as long as the conditions are not frozen and ypu can ensure a good water supply during dry periods.

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